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Fast Coach Training – 1 Day Intensive Life Coach

All Life Coach Certification Trainings are conducted via livestream. This allows you to participate in our trainings from anywhere across the globe.

Why Become a Certified Life Coach?

Freedom – When we ask our graduates why they love being certified life coaches, they always say that the freedom is one of the best things about being a certified life coach.

A life coach is free to choose when they work and where they take the call. Since Life Coaching is primarily done over the phone it can be done practically anywhere, some of our graduates go on to work from home, the road, an office, or while on vacation. The choice is yours, and that’s freedom!

The great income a life coach earns by helping other people to create a better life and business, is another major expression of freedom. Do you have any idea how much a life coach earns per hour?

Most Life Coaches earn such a great living they only work part-time with clients and do what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Now this is ultimate FREEDOM!

How long does it take to become a Certified Life Coach?

Although many companies will require you to pay thousands of dollars and take up to two years of training, the #1 Premiere Life Coach Training Organization in the World – International Coaching Science Research Foundation (ICS Research) now offers a 1-day Intensive Training! Can you imagine, in one day and you’ll have the freedom of being a Certified Life Coach?

Reasons you’re going to love our program:

Increase your personal income and personal freedom
Launch a profitable Life Coaching business
Become a Community Leader
Make a difference in the world
Work full or part-time from the comfort of your phone

Who should take this training?

People who want to experience more freedom in life and help other people do the same.

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Registration Includes:

Life Coach Certification (Internationally Recognized)
Full 1-Day intensive training (one hour for lunch)
Life Coach Manual and Materials
Life Coach Business Forms to “Jump Start” your business!
And COACH SUPPORT. You’ll never be alone.

Whether your goal is to launch a thriving coaching business, grow a current coaching practice, or simply add a ‘coach approach’ to your repertoire of skills, the 1-day accelerated Life Coach Training and Certification is going to give you the freedom you’ve been looking for!
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This is your chance for more freedom!

OUR PERSONAL GUARANTEE: If at the end of the training, your mind and life aren’t completely blown away (in a good way), we’ll give you every dime back!

That’s how confident we are! Over 20 years of training and certifying more than 5,000 Life Coaches, we know you’re going to love being a Life Coach!

As Life Coaches tell their clients, “Do it now.”

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