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Fast Coach Training is the training company for International Coaching Science Research Institute (ICS) and is associated with the Life Coach Group and other elite coaching companies.
For 20+ years, we’ve been providing the best quality Life Coach Training and Certification to over 5,000 Life Coaches.
ICS Research is the leader in Life Coach Training and Certification since 1996. As the leader in the Life Coaching industry, we set the standard for other companies.
We are one of the Life Coach Training organizations that are pushing for licensure requirements for each state.

There is a drastic shortage of life coaches. To handle the increased demand for Life Coaches worldwide, we’ve lowered our training fee from $1299 to $599 for a limited time.

Using the Immersion Technique (Accelerated Learning Process) we teach our life coaches the entire business and powerful life coaching techniques online at your own pace.

Meet The Team

Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Dr. Michael J. Duckett, social scientist, author, and modern-day Renaissance man, has made a profound discovery that will affect people around the world—The Mental Codes. The Mental Codes determine a person’s well-being and level of success.

To upgrade life, a person must discover their Mental Codes and re-pattern them to match the desired objective. If a person doesn’t change the Mental Codes, nothing can change for that individual’s life. Dr. Duckett conducts seminars and talks focusing on the Mental Codes pertaining to Upgrading Your Life To The Next Level. Dr. Duckett utilizes an entertaining approach to relay his message to audiences around the world. Tens of thousands of lives have been changed with Dr. Duckett’s information pertaining to the Mental Codes discovery. Upgrading Your Life To The Next Level allows audiences to instantly unlock greater potential in many areas of life and business.

Dr. Michael J. Duckett

Certified life coach

Dr. Duckett’s high energy and enthusiasm around his work is contagious and creates a magnetic attraction with audiences. Dr. Duckett wants to help your members and guests upgrade their lives with his unique discoveries, knowledge, and insights.

This Is Your Chance for More Freedom!

With over 20 years of training and certifying more than 5,000 Life Coaches, we know you’re going to love being a Life Coach! As Life Coaches tell their clients, “Do it now.”

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